A childhood doll is very special and deserves special care.

Don't throw away those memories they can be restored

We are experienced in restoring and repairing a variety of materials, Porcelain, Composition, Leather, Wood, Cloth, Paper Mache, Plastic and Vinyl Dolls.

We are a full service Doll Hospital. We repair and custom make costumes. We have wigs and accessories.

Our certified Master Doll Doctor Elaine Vernon has worked miracles restoring dolls for 25 years.

A favorite doll is priceless and irreplaceable. We know how hard it is to put your dolls in someone else's hand to restore.

Elaine gently uses her knowledge to repair your doll. 

Our services include:
Porcelain (invisible porcelain repair) missing pieces no problem
Broken toes, fingers, cracks
Paper Mache
Doll Bodies
Wigs- replaced or restored- cleaned and restyled
Costumes and accessories
Repair or replace and reset rocker eyes
Eyes- plastic or glass

 Doll repair estimates can be made by email of photos.

Once we receive your doll a final estimate will be made after a hands on exam of your doll

Email or contact us before shipping your doll.

There is a $15.00 return shipping fee.

 Member of Doll Doctor Association

Elaine's Dolls & Restoration
8900 Thornton Rd #26
Stockton, Ca 95209